0.85″ Diameter Portable Bladder Pump with Drop Tube and Intake



0.85″ Drop Tube Portable Bladder Pump With Intake

The Geotech drop tube intake system allows you to easily relocate the bladder pump intake way beyond the depth limitations of the pump.  As Long as the pump remains submerged, you can effectively and economically low flow sample from the well’s screened section.


  • Relocate pump intake to deeper well screen interval
  • Keeps pump at optimum depth to maximize performance
  • Drop tube length custom sized to each well
  • Easily adaptable in the field
  • Available for all three pump sizes
  • Constructed of 316 stainless steel
    For unsurpassed durability and truly representative samples
  • Portable turnkey systems available
    Everything you need to quickly and efficiently sample your site
  • Easy-to-open housings
    No special tools or training required to service the pump
  • Quick-change bladder configuration
    Bladders are easily changed without tools by sliding back the PTFE collars
  • Drop tube intake option
    Allows for deeper samplingExtra bladders are readily available
    Available in PTFE and Polyethylene for all models
  • Bonded tubing
    In Polyethylene and FEP lined Polyethylene by the foot or by the rollCompatible with the Geocontrol PRO & Geocontroller 2 logic units
  • CE rated for quality